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About Joe Reese Music

      Audio Engineer/Musician/Producer/composer

I am a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist and I have composed and produced over 350 songs and counting. I have over 60 songs published for licensing and placement in media throughout the world and I have one self-produced, full-length studio album released. I have experience dealing with record labels, publishers, producers, engineers, performance rights organizations, and musicians at all levels, from all over the world. I have my B.A. in Music from Ohio State University and I have completed the Core Certification at Recording Workshop, a trade school for audio engineers. 

My life and experience in the sales and hospitality industries have truly sharpened my abilities for communicating comfortably and appropriately with clients of all different walks of life. These experiences have shown me the importance of quality customer service and client rapport in building any kind of business. 

I am naturally inclined to give added vision and direction to any artistic project I am a part of and I look forward to going to work for you!

Joe first picked up the guitar as a young boy in southwest Ohio. After learning a handful of chords from his grandmother, he was quickly off and writing music. 

Joe studied the fields of music education and composition at the Ohio State University, culminating with the receipt of a Bachelor's degree in Music. He left college with a new fluidity in the language of music and an ever-expanding collection of his own compositions.

In late 2005, Joe joined the endless ranks of songwriters who make the pilgrimage to Nashville, TN. He explored the Nashville music scene extensively and learned much about the industry during this adventurous time. 

From his Nashville apartment, Joe was busy writing and recording a collection of music he would later title as "Ghostwalk:The Fruition of Intuition". These colorful and ambitious, homespun creations are now registered with music publisher Apollo Music of Denmark, and are used as production music for commercials, telvision, and films throughout the world.

In 2007, Joe worked with a Nashville-based entertainment company to produce a three song demo. This demo helped fetch the attention of Empty Vessel Music in Atlanta, GA. Joe became an affiliated artist with the Georgia-based not-for-profit label in October of 2008. Empty Vessel specializes in "Music with a Purpose" and is a charitable organization serving the musical aspirations of under-privileged youth. 

In 2010 after the passing of his beloved grandmother/guardian, Joe was impassioned to produce his first full-length studio album.    

To record the album, Joe partnered with veteran engineer Eric Uglum (Allison Krauss, Nickle Creek) at New Wine Studios, in Apple Valley, CA. Producer/Engineer Warren Haurt (Aerosmith, The Fray) mixed the album and Shelly Yakus (U2, Tom Petty, Stevie Nicks) is mastering engineer. 

In the studio, bassist John Spiker (Tenacious D, Filter), guitarist John Konesky (Tenacious D, Trainwreck), and keyboardist Hal Ratliff (Righteous Brothers) assisted in bringing this sonic vision to life. 

Fashioned Too Fragile consists of 11 of Joe's best songs, skimmed from a catalogue of over 350 works! The title phrase is a philosophical nod to the condition of mortality and there is a dedicatory track to Joe's late grandmother, Ruby; titled "Weathered Hands." 

Cerebral, insightful, and full of faith, Joe's lyrics invite us explore and befriend the uncertainties of life, while sophisticated and inventive songwriting is sure to keep us returning for repeat therapy! 

After completing the Late Fall 2014 core program sessions at The Recording Workshop in Chillicothe Ohio, Joe is now residing in the greater NYC area, where he works tirelessly to capture the soundtrack that you feel in your heart. 

Take the ambitious and iridescent musical journey with this exciting new artist's debut album! Cerebral, insightful, and full of faith, Joe's lyrics befriend life's uncertainties, while deft melodies glide over a bedrock of impressive acoustic guitar work.

The Artist's Path

Joe Reese welcomes your contributions to the funding of his next full album release.