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Meet Joe

Joe earned his Bachelor of the Arts in Music from The Ohio State University and completed the Core Certification at The Recording Workshop. He has penned over 350 songs and counting. Joe has experience dealing with record labels, publishers, producers, engineers, performance rights organizations, and musicians at all levels, from all over the world. He hopes to touch the planet with his talents, encouraging people to examine their lives and live more purposefully.



  • Tailor-made Production Music
  • Audio Editing and Mixing Services
  • Photo, Bio, and Website creation
  • Producer/Engineer Services
  • Acoustic Guitar and Vocal Performance

"Joe has talent in spades! I always prefer to work with people who have a clear, detailed artistic vision. This is Joe."


Eric Uglum,

Owner of New Wine Studios

"There's nothing more personal to us than our songwriting, and we invest a lot of trust in those who help us portray it through our studio work.  If we don't feel comfortable, the recording won't come alive.  Joe was personable, welcoming, and respectful to our art and approach.  His patience did wonders in helping us find our voice in the studio."



Guitar & Vocals for The Baker's Basement

What the Industry is Saying...

28 November 2014

Joe graduates RecW Core Program 


20 February 2015

New studio layout and gear acquisition underway

28 January 2015

Joe Reese Music now serving New York City

      Audio Engineer/Musician/Producer/composer

‚ÄčProudly Serving the Greater NYC Area.

Let Joe lend his talents, experience, and sensibilities to your next creative endeavor. "I am naturally inclined to give added vision and direction to any artistic project I am a part of and I look forward to going to work for you!" A typical project may include these services:

Video made in conjunction with Critique Life.